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About The Survival of the Richest

About The Survival of the Richest (2016) by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV

The Survival of the Richest: An Analysis of the Relationship between the Sciences of Biology, Economics, Finance, and Survivalism is Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV’s remarkable follow-up to his acclaimed books, The Necessity of Finance and The Most Important Lessons in Economics and Finance.  Exploring in greater depth how the sciences of economics and finance are necessary for their respective entities to survive, this book integrates some of the hardest concepts of several very important fields of scientific inquiry.

Deriving serious conclusions on the future of humanity, this provocative work is divided into five parts that discuss the science of survival, survivalism’s connection to economics and finance, the relationship of biology and various reformed natural selection processes to wealth, and the role of humans as the ultimate universal manager.

Dr. Criniti provides a comprehensive overview of survival; clarifies the proper order of prosperity; shows that being wealthier increases your probability of continuously surviving and prospering by providing you the greatest options to obtaining survival essentials; indicates that wealthier entities have the option to help other economic or financial entities (including nonhuman ones) survive and prosper, particularly through the concepts of the survival and the prosperity by a third party; demonstrates the inevitable relationship between biology, economics, finance, and survivalism; demonstrates that both individuals and populations of species evolve; summarizes, reforms, and adds to existing evolutionary selection processes; confirms that the management of money, and the technology that it can buy, is an advanced, necessary stage in the process of evolution—that is, the evolution of evolution; demonstrates that the survival of the richest is a more accurate concept than the survival of the fittest; and shows that all humanity should have the united goal of maximizing our wealth for our survival on this planet and beyond.

This seminal work delivers a powerful analysis of the current human predicament as well as a call to people around the world, urging them to begin making better decisions. In the vein of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species and Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel, this book is designed for the well-educated—though it is equally valuable for the layperson interested in helping to protect the planet.

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The Survival of the Richest: An Analysis of the Relationship between the Sciences of Biology, Economics, Finance, and Survivalism