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Royal Canadian Mint Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin Series Ending

Royal Canadian Mint Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series comes to a close with a tribute to the Wood bison

OTTAWA, Feb. 1, 2013, After five successful launches of 99.99% pure, one-ounce silver coins celebrating Canada’s rich and abundant wildlife, the Mint is bringing its popular Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series to a close with a superb tribute to the Wood bison. This 2013-dated addition to the Mint’s silver bullion coin program was launched today at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany before a premier gathering of world mints, distributors and customers.

“The Mint has been delighted by consistent customer enthusiasm for our Silver Wildlife bullion coin series and while it is ending with a sixth and final coin, we look forward to continue introducing variety to the bullion market and to building interest in our industry-leading products,” said Ian E. Bennett , President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “As a majestic example of Canada’s abundant wildlife, as well as a great conservation success story, the uniquely Canadian Wood bison is a fine ambassador for a bullion coin program which has made the Mint stand out once again for innovation and quality.”

The Mint’s Ottawa facility will produce up to one million “Wood bison” silver bullion coins. Through this special series, a total of six different species of Canada’s legendary wildlife, including the grizzly; wolf; cougar; moose; and antelope, have been celebrated on finely crafted bullion coins struck of the same pure silver as the Mint’s world-famous Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins. This new pure silver bullion coin will soon be available through the Mint’s extensive network of bullion distributors.

The reverse image of the coin is designed by Canadian artist Emily Damstra . It shows a Wood bison galloping in a vivid display of strength and endurance. Canada is the only country in the world where the Wood bison, a subspecies of the American bison, can be found in the wild. Though 200,000 of these massive animals once prospered in the woodlands of the Canadian West, only hundreds remained by the early 1900s due to over hunting and human encroachment.

Extensive conservation efforts have raised their number to more than 10,000 and today, protected Wood bison herds exist in parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory, and the Northwest Territories.

It is important to note that Mint does not sell bullion directly to the public. Since the introduction of its first bullion coin in 1979, the Mint only sells bullion in large volumes to a global network of bullion distributors, who have the required infrastructure to sell and buy back bullion on a daily basis, and at real-time market prices.

About the Royal Canadian Mint
The Royal Canadian Mint is the Crown Corporation responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada’s circulation coins. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, the Mint is recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the world, offering a wide range of specialized, high quality coinage products and related services on an international scale. For more information on the Mint, its products and services, visit www.mint.ca.

Images of the new Canadian Wildlife silver bullion coin are available by visiting ftp://communications:MINT2007@ftp.mint.ca.

SOURCE: Royal Canadian Mint


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Residential Real Estate Contractor Mistakes

Contractor Mistakes

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2013, Your Contractor Did What?! 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Home Renovations Aren’t a Disaster


According to the experts on RealtyPin.com, the right home renovations can make or break the time you spend in your home. They can also make or break the time it takes to sell your home. However, you can’t end up with the right finished product unless you hire the right contractor. That means you’ve got to avoid these major mistakes:

Grading the 2012 Housing Market

1. Picking a contractor based on price
Yes, I know you want to save some money, but the last thing you should want is for your home to look like a corner-cutting haven. It’s one thing to get a good deal. However, a contractor that offers prices that are too good to be true usually does so for a reason – and it’s not a good one. Think about it – if your contractor is offering you a price that’s far less than what everyone else is offering, why? How is he going to make up the difference? By using lower-quality materials? Doing the work faster and, thus, upping the chances of making sloppy mistakes?

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2. Not checking to see if your contractor is insured
Most homeowners assume that because their contractor “looks” professional, he must be insured. Boy, is that a risky game! If your contractor isn’t insured and something goes wrong (like if one of the employees gets injured while working on your project), you could be liable for it. Do you want to risk being sued because you didn’t think to ask if your contractor was insured before the work began? I didn’t think so!

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3. Not getting a written contract
A good contractor will put everything in writing – including a detailed description of your entire project, approximate completion dates, a payment schedule, and even a list of materials (especially if it’s high-end stuff). That way, there will be no confusion along the way and no risk for anyone going back on their word.

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4. Making the final payment before the work is finished
No matter how great your contractor seems, never ever hand over the last check before the work is finished – including all of the clean-up. After all, if everything has been paid for, what incentive does your contractor have to finish the job?! In fact, when you and your contractor are drawing up your contract, make sure to specify that the final payment will not be made until everything is complete and your home is completely back to normal. That means that all inspections have been passed, all dumpsters have been removed, and everything else has been cleaned up and your home is ready to show off to the world. Otherwise, your project may never end!

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Media Contact: James Paffrath , RealtyPin.com, 1-(866) 960-8649, james@realtypin.com

SOURCE: RealtyPin.com